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Webinar - (Competitive Bidding) Final Countdown: Act Now to Preserve HME Access Nationwide

  • Friday, December 04, 2015
  • 12:00 PM
  • Webinar

Final Countdown: Act Now to Preserve HME Access Nationwide

Webinar on New Legislation to Protect Beneficiaries & the Suppliers Who Serve Them

Hosted by the American Association for Homecare

About the Webinar

Take a stand for your business and the people you serve! Learn how you can help us pass new legislation to transform the nationwide expansion of Competitive Bidding.

On January 1, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is going to make the entire country subject to the rates derived from a faulty auction program, ironically called “Competitive Bidding”. This program has drawn widespread criticism by economists, auction experts, patient advocacy groups, and vested Industry stakeholders. In this newest round of the program expansion, CMS will apply prices derived from auctions in the 100 largest, most densely populated Metropolitan Statistical Areas to those caring for beneficiaries in non-urban and rural America. Since the prices aren’t reflective of what it takes to properly access, care for, and support these medically frail residents, many HME companies will either have to close, restructure their service areas, or stop accepting Medicare patients. We can’t let that happen to suppliers!

To combat this, Senators John Thune and Heidi Heitkamp introduced S 2312 “DME Access & Stabilization Act”, and legislation is forthcoming in the House. Only a short window remains for this legislation to be passed before the program expansion occurs on January 1st, and we need your help to gain legislators’ support!

Join us for an industry-wide Webinar to learn the latest regarding about how this legislation will provide relief and specific ways you can help by taking action. It covers:

  • Summary of CMS’ proposal to take effect 1/1
  • Overview of the legislation to provide relief to suppliers—and how this impacts your business
  • Specific ways you can help drive support from your elected officials

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