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The MNCHA Awards program provides an opportunity to recognize those in our field who dedicate their lives to caring for others. This is your chance to reward the contributions of someone that you work with, a legislator, a government official, or other expert who has made a substantial contribution to the field. Only MNCHA Members can submit nominations.

MNCHA Awards Program - How to Nominate an Individual

  1. Please use the Google Form link to submit your nomination. You will be asked to write a brief 250-500 word letter of nomination. The letter should clearly reference the specific criteria for each award as well as nominee accomplishments.
  2. Submission deadline: 5:00 pm August 13, 2021
  3. Attachments to the nomination letter are not required but may be included as necessary and emailed to and reference the Nominee’s Name and Award Name. The letter and attachments should be one document if at all possible and not exceed 3 pages.
  4. Nominees for the President’s Award can be either members or non-members. All other awards are given to recognize excellence by MNCHA members and their staff.
  5. Unless otherwise specified, nominees should have been active in home health, private duty, home medical equipment or related profession for a minimum of two years. Awards recognize outstanding accomplishment at the local, state, or federal levels during the last year unless otherwise specified.
  6. All award determinations are made by MNCHA’s Awards Committee except for the President’s Award, which is made by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee.
  7. Awards are presented during the Annual Meeting or at another appropriate time determined by the Awards
  8. Committee.
  9. The Awards Committee reserves the right to move nominees to a different category as long as the nominee meets the criteria for that award category. If no nominee meets the criteria, an award will not be given.
  10. The Awards Committee will determine the final list of awards based on nominations submitted. The Committee may
  11. choose to award only part of the total list of awards included in the program.

The required method of submission for all nominations, including the President’s Award, is via Google Form link HERE so that we are able to capture all required information and so that they can be easily shared with committee members. Please e-mail questions, concerns or additional materials to MNCHA at Your e-mail must be  titled “MNCHA  Award  Nomination” or we cannot guarantee that it will be included.



The President’s awards may be given to either a member or a non-member.
These awards are given to an individual or entity that has made an outstanding contribution to home health, private duty, home medical equipment or related issues in Maryland or the District of Columbia. More than one award can be made in each category.

There are 3 awards in this category as follows:

  1. President’s Award for Federal Leadership
  2. President’s Award for State Leadership
  3. President’s Award for Advocacy Leadership

MNCHA Member Awards

  1. Cindy Libby-Green Leadership Award (Individual or Agency)
    Criteria: Demonstrates outstanding leadership in the advancement of home health, private duty or the home medical equipment industry at the local, state or national level.  Provide an overview of contributions and accomplishments that impact the industry at large.

    Cindy Libby-Green was a very active member of the Maryland-National Capital Homecare Association and also served on its Board of Directors. Cindy’s contributions impacted every aspect of the homecare industry.  She is well known and respected for her work in Annapolis and Capitol Hill, her strong and effective advocacy for homecare clients, and her vision of and perseverance in advancing the role homecare in the community.

  2. Manager of the Year (Individual)
    Criteria: Manager who demonstrates outstanding leadership, strong management skills and compassion in the performance of their duties.  Provide examples of how this has positively impacted your organization.

  3. Member of the Year (Individual or Agency)
    Criteria: Regularly attends and participates in MNCHA events and/or committees and contributes to achieving the mission and goals of MNCHA.  Provide an overview of exemplary contributions and the impact on the Association.

  4. Malinowski Innovation Award (Individual or Agency)
    Criteria: Leader in innovating the delivery of home health services, standards of practice and/or the patient experience.  Provide examples of the contributions.

  5. Public Policy Award (Individual or Agency)
    Criteria: Leader in advancing public policies through work with legislators and other stakeholders at the state and/or national level to benefit home health, private duty and/or DME. Provide examples of activities impacting public policy.

  6. Nurse of the Year (Individual)
    Criteria: RN or LPN with outstanding contributions to patient care and customer service.  Provide examples of ongoing contributions that have made a difference or what changed as a result of the contributions.

  7. Therapist of the Year (Individual)
    Criteria: Recognizes the outstanding contributions of a licensed speech language pathologist, or physical or occupational therapist or therapy assistant.  Provide examples of how the quality or delivery of therapy services has been positively impacted.

  8. Social Worker of the Year (Individual)
    Criteria: Recognizes excellence in social work.  Provide examples of a significant contribution to the profession through effective advocacy for vulnerable patients.

  9. HHA/CNA/Caregiver of the Year (Individual)
    Criteria: Recognizes a HHA/CNA/Caregiver that consistently exceeds expectations on a day-to-day basis.  Provide examples of quality of work, leadership, work ethic, and commitment to providing quality patient care.

  10. Excellence in Business Office Services (Individual)
    Criteria: Recognizes the exemplary contributions of business office staff including schedulers, intake staff, billers, and other administrative professionals.  Provide examples of how expectations are consistently exceeded.

  11. Delivery/ Distribution Specialist Achievement (Individual)
    Criteria: Demonstrates service excellence in delivery, education and set-up of medical equipment with a clear focus on customersatisfaction, safety, and patient and family centered care during each encounter.

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